Landmarks: Turning Points on Your Journey Toward GodLandmarks: Turning Points on Your Journey Toward God by Bill Delvaux

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There are certain “landmarks” in our lives, that are turning points….game changers that make an impact in our lives…and as I was reading, “Landmarks”, it had me thinking of, really, the old cliche of driving.

Stop and think about it.

When we are driving, both familiar and unfamiliar roads, we usually depend on something familiar to help us get that sense of assurance, we are heading down the right way and if we don’t, its hard not to get that inner sense of panic that we are lost, late and just really no clue of where we are going.

The topics that the author covers, are familiar terrains that we all deal with at some points of our lives and with them, we use to build the building blocks of our faith and understanding of the world around us and our relationship with God. It is along these same lines that the book, uses, to address topics such as idols that keep our focus away from God and His word, wounds that may have us not only hurting but often use as a way to try and run from God and in another chapter, “Bonds” and a focus on the connections that we make in our life.

The book is an easy read at 187 pages and the print is easy on the eyes.

Written with a mix of personal experiences, scripture and even cultural references that help bring “Landmarks” encouragement to finding points in our lives, that we can find redirection toward God, I appreciate with ease, how Bill shares topics that many will find topical and often more of pointing in the right direction of where to start, rather than more an in depth, lay it all out there guide.

I really felt like the book lived up to what it shared on the back of the book, “If you feel stuck out there on the highway of humanity and need tried and true spiritual direction, look for Landmarks”.

This is something that I feel we all need in our lives at some point or another; Not a let’s break it all down and go piece by piece of what we need to do, but in something like the book, “Landmark”, that makes it an easy Saturday read, and sprinkled with a, let’s take a look at this direction,Christian based encouragement that we all need at some point in our lives.

In one part of the book, Bill Delvaux wrote, “We try to circumvent the process, pasting the idea on top of our wounds as another avoidance mechanism. But it doesn’t work.”

Isn’t that true in a lot of ways…maybe our faith feels a little flat….we have things weighing down on us or just trying to make it to the next day….As a reader, I really felt this book just worked out as a reminder, a consistant reminder, where to refocus and if we are needed a clue in our journey….here’s a direction to take us where we need to go.

Life is complex.

Life can be confusing, but it really helps to have some familiar landmarks in our life to help us show the way and I really enjoy the easy read, that after finishing this book, felt like a much needed pep talk of looking at things from a different perspective.

There are many moments in the book that felt very raw, that the author, through simple, straight talk, shared parts of his own story, and really just reminded the reader of how human we can be and how God can show us the needed directions if we just trusted Him. In other areas, Bill is straight with the challenge of….there is more to life than we have give to it.

He doesn’t write with a, he has all the answers, but rather…Bill Delvaux shows in his writing, these are the steps he took, with each landmark he encounter and like other travelers, share his travel weary experiences for the next traveler, to read, to contemplate and to build on, in their own journey, making this a book well worth reading.