6 Feb

Oscar Nominated Project ‘Lion’ Began From The Scratch.

Oscar nominated project’Lion’ began from the scratch. Director Garth Davis before starting with his the much awaited project made sure that there are no loopholes in his research so he made his trip to India. As the homeland of the main character in the movie is from India, he thought there is no better way than to be familiar with the roots completely.  Mumbai, where the grand premium is going to be screened, Davis expects grand and positive response from India. He wishes that “Indian embraces the film”.It’s due to release on February 24 in India. Davis has two things to worry about Oscar’s result where it has 6 prestigious nominations and India’s response.


“It is a beautiful story and something that deserved to be told. I am very proud that it has been loved by so many. I hope India embraces it too. I have a deep affection for India mainly because of its people. They touch you in ways you don’t really forget,” quoting Davis.‘Lion’ revolves around an Indian boy who gets parted from his brother and mother and accidentally reaches almost 1,000 miles away at a railway station in Kolkata. His life takes an eventful where he faces one challenge after another before settling for an Australian family who willingly adopts him. Interestly his quest won’t finish here rather he uses Google map to find his parents.

Davis recalls his expression when he read the script and sums it up as “huge responsibility”. “I retraced the steps that young Saroo had taken as he was lost on the train station. I remember when I found myself on the Kolkata station and imagined my five-year-old child there, unable to speak the language, invisible to everyone, standing there alone and I felt absolutely mortified.”

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