6 Feb

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jennifer Lynn “Jenni” Farley was born on 27, Feburary, 1986 in Franklin Square, New York. She is famously known as Jwoww. She is a Television personality. She was one of the main cast of reality series Jersey Shore. And played a prominent member in Snooki and Jwoww. She made appearances on shows including Disaster Date, TNA Impact, The three Stooges, One Life to Live, Worst Cook in America, The Mint and Marriage Boot Camp. She also promotes products with an Australian Gold Company.She married to long term boyfriend Roger Mathews and had 2 children with him. She supported  gay rights and defended LGBT community in Twitter wars.Jwoww might have hit some  emotional lows when the world fails to grant some privacy to controversial public figures, they are ripped of all space especially with medium like Internet and various social platforms.

JWoww recently expressed  some of her personal feelings saying that she couldn’t initially manage all the negative comments that were recklessly thrown at her especially when they saw Jwoww turned her commenting feature off on Instagram, they found it appropriate to defame her, she later in her defence said that there was no purpose of turning it off but it happened accidentally and she would love to post a piece of her mind to all the trollers.

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures


Amongst the trolls, the most prominent one was that of plastic surgeries and what has she done to her face.Jwoww just laughed on the rumours and went ahead by making bold statements, “I laugh because like I said, I haven’t… My weight fluctuates, my tan fluctuates. I take it as a compliment because I don’t want to look like the girl that was 25 walking into the Jersey Shore house anymore with no knowledge on makeup.”While she clearly shuns the rumours, she never denied the importance of plastic surgeries to retain female stardom and faith. She propagates the idea of plastic surgeries but when needed and when one finds the scope of self satisfaction in this painful process. “I’m always the one that says, ‘Do it for the right reasons. Do it because it’s like truly what you want to make yourself happy.’ I’m 31 years old. I’m not getting any younger. I’m going to do the non-invasive surgeries and things like that to stay youthful so I don’t, when I’m like 50, 60, 70, have to do the more dramatic ones.” “I love the way I look and am totally honest and open with it,”


One thing is for sure, despite all odds she knows all to stand by her side and love the flaws in own body.Breast job is a common procedure that she surely underwent and that’s the reason that all her dresses look simply superb on her, they fit perfectly well on the sexy butt size, the quality of her surgery is definitely recommendable.However she totally condemns the use of fillers on her face by louding shouting her intentions out that “I do not want a saggy face in 30 years!”

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