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Hrithik Roshan Diet Chart

Hrithik Roshan Diet Chart

Hrithik Roshan who does not crave to own a body like his, it has got all one desires of, the body is well carved, polished and extremely attractive and  healthy inside but it’s also demands great maintenance. Hrithik’s personal life has not been under wraps, everyone knows the challenges he faced to get into the industry and how he managed to prove himself as one of the best actor despite having speech troubles.

His story is pumped with inspiration and is everything but ordinary. Its hard being Hrithik, you can start by emulating his diet and workout regime. There was a time when Hrithik hired professional team of experts including body trainers, gym instructors and dietician to sketch a viable path for him but the team had a tough time in fixing a stable plan for him. They had to switch from one plan to another with an alternation in terms of  nutrition here and there just because the Hrithik’s insulin level was way to sensitive. 

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Hrithik began his gym training with the dedicated goal of adding oodles of stamina, and retain his flexibility and defy all genetic odds. Hrithik has been under the observance of some world class gym instructors, he is a dedicated trainee. Hrithik had several injuries but he continued under proper supervision and never took an off from the gym. After extreme level of training under Kris, Hrithik became the head turner of the town as his waist slimmed down by 6 ½-inches and he shed almost 10 kilograms. Hrithik is a firm believer of the fact that, ” A right workout must be augmented with a proper diet”. Thus, Here is a very technical look at Hrithik Roshan Diet Plan

What brings Proteins to him?

  • He relies on Turkey, Steak, White part of egg, Fish, Powdered Protein.

What comprises of Complex Carbs for Him?

  • His breakfast and in between are also very carefully designes like Oatmeal, brown rice, salads, etc.

Hrithik’s Supplements Intake:

  • He combines his food meals along with some supplements


  •  1000 capsules of Glutamine plus

1000 capsules of BCCA

  • For Multi vitamin he uses Anavite along with some amino acid complex, -Omega-3 softgels, Liver detoxifier capsules, Grape seed antioxidant Vcaps.

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 Before workout

  •  Grenade thermo detonator capsules
  •  Pre- and post-workouts:
  • Walnut/oats mix Shakes
  •  In case he is shooting even after workouts he prefers hygienic protein shakes

Do you know who inspired Hrithik it was Salman Khan’s Diet Plan And Exercises

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