NIV Ragamuffin Bible: Meditations for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and BrokenheartedNIV Ragamuffin Bible: Meditations for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Brokenhearted by Zondervan Publishing

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Having read, “Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brenden Manning, I was intrigued by the concept of turning the foundation of this book and incorporating it into a Bible that will both encouraged the, “Bedraggled”, the “Beat-Up” and the “Brokenhearted”, that would be both true to the Bible without playing with Scripture while creating a source that will help those who are struggling or growing in their walk with Christ.

First with basics.

The Bible that I was able to review was a hardbound copy, heavy and sturdy and I felt serves will as an at home bible to use for personal reading and study versus one to carry to church, unless one didn’t mind the weight (or used an e-book version). The cover is exactly like the book itself, so if you already have a copy of the “Ragamuffin Gospel” like I do, it was hard not to keep the two together and use the bible while re-reading, the actual book by the author.

Font size looks to be about around 7 or 8 so for those who are needing a bible that has larger print, currently this seems to be the only size font available unless one considers buying the Kindle version.

As for use as a study bible, the “Ragamuffin Bible” not only doesn’t haven’t commentary since it is more of a devotional bible than a “study” bible, but if you are looking for the book in a different bible translation, right now it seems, NIV, is the only available version and for those who lean more toward the 1984 NIV version, this version appears to be more of the current up to date translation.

Material wise, the book is filled with Brendan Manning insights that compliment the passages that the insights are tied to and for those who may not have read, “The Ragamuffin Gospel”, his works is pretty raw and deep.

The features that are made available in this bible are as follows:

Complete text of the world’s most popular modern-English Bible,the NIV

* 104 Devotions guide you into a deeper connection to God and his Word

* 250 Reflections help you understand what it means to be a child of God

* 150 Quotes offer short but thoughtful insights into God’s kingdom

It is basically “The Ragamuffin Gospel” combined with the Bible itself and in the short books that I had peruse over, provided a very powerful combination that encourage the reader not only how important they are to God, but the importance of trusting God in all areas of their life.

This is something that would compliment a study group that was going over “The Ragamuffin Gospel” or even a personal book study of Brendan Manning book that influenced the creation of this translation of the Bible, as a individual stand alone, it makes a great gift for someone who maybe going through a hard time or passage in their life and help provided them with the needed comfort and words that they are needing at that moment in their lives.

Although it sounds funny to say, having this bible on one’s nightstand or bookshelf, is eye catching. It stands out and really draws the reader in to take the time to open the Bible and explore God’s word while at the same time, sharing Mr. Manning personal thoughts and insights to challenge the reader to go deeper into God’s word and challenges them to apply God’s word to their life.

This is a beautiful Bible over all…It’s sturdy and will last long though there is a leather bound version for the serious Bible reader to consider owning….or if you are on the go and can’t carry a heavy book while traveling….a kindle version that is provided.

As for the overall content, I was impressed with how Brendan Manning thoughts and reflections were seamlessly woven throughout the Bible. The Bible works great as a devotional bible….the questions are soul reaching and adds to one’s personal study and this makes for a touching gift for those who matter the most to us.

In a lot of ways, since the Bible is about imperfect people who God use to share His word and message with, this is a perfect blending of Manning insights with the word of God and surely will bless all who take the time to read the “Ragamuffin Bible”