14 Feb

Depp Hits A Financial Low!

Depp hits a financial low!

Johnny Depp reportedly having a tough time as his financial condition is deteriorating and according to resources the actor’s lifestyle is responsible for the loss. He sued his own management company this month, claimed that after firing them, his new company find a huge default in accounts. Depp claimed that the firm collected USD 28 million as a fees, which he never agreed to And also claimed that they fail at keeping records, payment of taxes and loaned a company USD 10 Million to another party. Opposition party TMG filed a complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming that they repeatedly warned him about overspending of money and their company did everything to handle Depp finance chaos.

Depp lived an ultra-extravagant lifestyle that often knowingly cost Depp in excess of USD 2 million per month to maintain, which he simply could not afford. Depp, and Depp alone, is fully responsible for any financial turmoil he finds himself in today,” the complaint reads.he list is released where he spent his money on 14 residences about USD 75 million, luxury yacht about USD 18 million, and spent USD 30k on wine per month. “Depp also paid over USD 3 million to blast from a specially-made cannon the ashes of author Hunter Thompson over Aspen, Colorado,” writes Kump.

10 Feb

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Revealed

Britney Spears

Britney Jean Spears was born on 2 December, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi. She started with television shows and stage performances before heading towards live records. Her first album Baby One More Time become best selling album. She released her third album on her self titled Britney in 2001 and appear in the film Crossroads. From her fourth album In the Zone, song “Toxic” became a worldwide success. She is considered as a “pop icon”. She became the best selling artist at young age and received numerous of awards including Princess of Pop, Grammy Award, MTV Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Lifetime achievement award and Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is amongst the top 10 artist in “The Recording Industry Association of America” list. According to the reports, she has sold about 23 million singles in US under the category of digital downloads. Take a look at Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After


Britney Spears, the inspiration for all young girls who would surely believe that they too need to match of her mark of looking young and pretty even in there late 40’s. Britney is famous for her controversial life and how she manage to come out with a bang and prettier every time. Such a spirit is always subject to speculation. Britney is utterly loved for her singing skills but unfortunately your looks and the reason behind them always take over. She is not new to plastic surgery rumours and has mastered the art of dealing with them as she could take the rumour as hilarious of getting rid of breasts implants so lightly, then this diva can do anything. Britney  knows how to tackle and deny them lightly at the same time.

No matter how much you try but natural process of aging takes over and dampens the young vibe altogether. Britney Spears images capture during 1999 are distinct from today’s. In Hollywood, you fail to be satisfied with money and because of their fear they end up doing everything even plastic procedures. Her plastic surgeries like definitely got her rid off additional years.

1. Nose job

images (4)

Britney now owns a much sharper and well chiselled nose and the reason behind this simple and preferred transformation is hard to tell if it’s not a rhinoplasty. Mostly the nose structure is bulbous and with little enhancements here and there you can make the look polished, this seems to be Britney’s policy. No one can deny, Britney’s new nose adds that missing element to her sassy look.

2. Lip fillers

Britney was targeted every now and then for her lips that turned fuller all of a sudden. This sudden change was a bigger blow for her fans.This act of her stands as an evidence that the set of your lips can make you look sexy if you try knife on them. This is one enhancement that has been officially confirmed  by Britney herself. When it comes to lip Job Kylie Jenner After Plastic Surgery Pictures Are the best example.

6 Feb

Oscar Nominated Project ‘Lion’ Began From The Scratch.

Oscar nominated project’Lion’ began from the scratch. Director Garth Davis before starting with his the much awaited project made sure that there are no loopholes in his research so he made his trip to India. As the homeland of the main character in the movie is from India, he thought there is no better way than to be familiar with the roots completely.  Mumbai, where the grand premium is going to be screened, Davis expects grand and positive response from India. He wishes that “Indian embraces the film”.It’s due to release on February 24 in India. Davis has two things to worry about Oscar’s result where it has 6 prestigious nominations and India’s response.


“It is a beautiful story and something that deserved to be told. I am very proud that it has been loved by so many. I hope India embraces it too. I have a deep affection for India mainly because of its people. They touch you in ways you don’t really forget,” quoting Davis.‘Lion’ revolves around an Indian boy who gets parted from his brother and mother and accidentally reaches almost 1,000 miles away at a railway station in Kolkata. His life takes an eventful where he faces one challenge after another before settling for an Australian family who willingly adopts him. Interestly his quest won’t finish here rather he uses Google map to find his parents.

Davis recalls his expression when he read the script and sums it up as “huge responsibility”. “I retraced the steps that young Saroo had taken as he was lost on the train station. I remember when I found myself on the Kolkata station and imagined my five-year-old child there, unable to speak the language, invisible to everyone, standing there alone and I felt absolutely mortified.”

6 Feb

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jennifer Lynn “Jenni” Farley was born on 27, Feburary, 1986 in Franklin Square, New York. She is famously known as Jwoww. She is a Television personality. She was one of the main cast of reality series Jersey Shore. And played a prominent member in Snooki and Jwoww. She made appearances on shows including Disaster Date, TNA Impact, The three Stooges, One Life to Live, Worst Cook in America, The Mint and Marriage Boot Camp. She also promotes products with an Australian Gold Company.She married to long term boyfriend Roger Mathews and had 2 children with him. She supported  gay rights and defended LGBT community in Twitter wars.Jwoww might have hit some  emotional lows when the world fails to grant some privacy to controversial public figures, they are ripped of all space especially with medium like Internet and various social platforms.

JWoww recently expressed  some of her personal feelings saying that she couldn’t initially manage all the negative comments that were recklessly thrown at her especially when they saw Jwoww turned her commenting feature off on Instagram, they found it appropriate to defame her, she later in her defence said that there was no purpose of turning it off but it happened accidentally and she would love to post a piece of her mind to all the trollers.

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures


Amongst the trolls, the most prominent one was that of plastic surgeries and what has she done to her face.Jwoww just laughed on the rumours and went ahead by making bold statements, “I laugh because like I said, I haven’t… My weight fluctuates, my tan fluctuates. I take it as a compliment because I don’t want to look like the girl that was 25 walking into the Jersey Shore house anymore with no knowledge on makeup.”While she clearly shuns the rumours, she never denied the importance of plastic surgeries to retain female stardom and faith. She propagates the idea of plastic surgeries but when needed and when one finds the scope of self satisfaction in this painful process. “I’m always the one that says, ‘Do it for the right reasons. Do it because it’s like truly what you want to make yourself happy.’ I’m 31 years old. I’m not getting any younger. I’m going to do the non-invasive surgeries and things like that to stay youthful so I don’t, when I’m like 50, 60, 70, have to do the more dramatic ones.” “I love the way I look and am totally honest and open with it,”


One thing is for sure, despite all odds she knows all to stand by her side and love the flaws in own body.Breast job is a common procedure that she surely underwent and that’s the reason that all her dresses look simply superb on her, they fit perfectly well on the sexy butt size, the quality of her surgery is definitely recommendable.However she totally condemns the use of fillers on her face by louding shouting her intentions out that “I do not want a saggy face in 30 years!”