Thinking of “Anne of Green Gables”…..that’s the thought that went through my mind, when I saw the following quote shared on Pinterest

“…isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” “

and immediately thought back to lazy summers…going to the library and checking out, each book of the “Anne” series.

Do you remember those days……the days seem endless and the nights seem much richer?

I think what just made her special was both the love she had for her family and her friends growing up and both the strength, independent and yet, compassion she showed and seem to solidify as she grew older…

Forever friends with Diana Barry and competitive with Gilbert, the “Anne of Green Gables” book brought a sweet mix of another time, another place that even to this day, as an adult, she pops to mind here and there.

It’s a set of books I look forward to eventually passing on to my kids, along with the many other books, that I enjoyed growing up and hope to pass on a love for, but along with Pippi Longstocking, Mrs. Piggly Wiggly, and many others, Anne Shirley of Green Gables, is a timeless favorite I enjoy coming back to, time after time and with e-readers, I can take her anywhere now, when in the mood for a fun summer read.

Honestly….summer really seems to feel like the best time to read those books…maybe its the memories of childhood that it brings back, or the thought of how synonymous with summer it is to me…seeing that quote, was a wonderful memory back to childhood….

How about you? Do you have any childhood books that reminds you of summer memories ?

If so, would love to hear what books those were!

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    Love Anne, and that is truly one of my all time favorite quotes! i’m so glad you shared this with the hop. I might have to stop all my other books and get a dose of Anne soon.


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    Isn’t that wonderful how they have the quote shared!
    I have the books on my e-reader so I can read them anywhere, but all the more when out on summer vacation.

    Sigh…think I’m going to have to find the old tv episodes to watch as well!

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