So when all else fails, check “Google”, but from what I have found, Abibliophobia is a genuine fear of running out of reading material.

I found this particularly amusing, because on my nightstand alone, are two stacks of books.

One stack are several books that I have, for reading and reviewing, while on the other stack are my “personal books” that I have been meaning to read, but like all things and people, haven’t had the time, to really sit down and enjoy reading them.

Of course, that is not counting the fact that on my Nook Color, I have too many books, it seems, that I need to get to, to read, but as the phobia shares, running out of reading material, doesn’t seem to be a real problem as much as balancing time, in the midst of everything else, to read the books.

How about yourself? Do you have the same problem? Or the phobia/fear of running out of reading material.




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    I could see this as a real fear for some people – well both! Finding the time to read isn’t easy, but it’s there if we really try. And there are always new books to try… just not always when we want them – but isn’t that just life? So glad you linked up with Cozy Book Hop – been missing you


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