The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic ChristianityThe Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity by Stephen W. Smith

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With a busy schedule, it took me awhile to be able to read and review, “The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity” by Stephen W. Smith, and as I read it, each chapter divided by a “way”, it really had me stopped and reflect, how “busy” I was versus how “really busy” life looked to me.

Taking cues from Jesus’s own life and ministry, this isn’t a checklist type of book, nor is this a cure all, and it doesn’t promise to be a self help Biblical book, but what it is, is what the title promises the contents to be….about recovering an Authentic Christianity, that in the 21st century seems to be something, everyone who is a follower of Christ is pursuing.

Stephen W. Smith, shares common place, down to earth, this is how as a Christian we can live a life that is filled with meaning and is authentic, versus one of pursuing one fad after another and calling it a “Christian life”.

The book is not hard hitting but rather remarkable in that, for its depth, “The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity” just provides an honest, down to earth, get away from the church routines and this is about everyday living…that is just…well..simple.

This makes this book remarkable because it is like a good friend, pulling you to the side and going…breathe…there is more to life than just “fill in the blank, whatever the circumstances” that is going on in your life.

In the middle of a busy life and schedules, as I read the book, I found myself mentally go, “I need to remember, at the end of the day, this is what is important, not that, which in hindsight, had the appearance of importance than it really did; This makes the book,”The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity” sound cliche but its a much needed honest reminder how we can get ourselves, not only over whelmed but stuck in routines, that after awhile…make our Christian life and sometimes lack of growth, physically, mentally and spiritually, feel more robotic than it actually should be in our lives.

The discussion questions, provided at the end of each question, are much needed conversation starters, be it to oneself, with one’s spouse or if this is read in a group setting and throughout the book, the author, Stephen W. Smith, provides workable ideas that can be incorporated in anyone’s life if they are open to make those necessary life changes.

The book,”The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity” also stands out, in that at the very end of the book, Stephen offers a website to access sermon outlines and more information that is related to the book, and in the process bring a deeper depth that doesn’t end at the end of the book, but with the website, make his book, more interactive and accessible to the average reader.

We live in a very busy world and with the book, “The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity”, its a much needed reminder for all of us, the importance of taking steps back and re-connecting, sometimes at the very simplest levels to have a deeper and richer relationship with Jesus Christ.

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