Recently I read two really good articles, one was by, called, “Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Read the Bible in 2013” and the other was over at  Rachel Wojnarowski’s site, called, “Read Your Bible in a Year 2013 Challenge“.

For those who know me, encouraging people to read the bible and taking the time to study it, is something that is often talked about here, at Sunflower Faith, along with looking at devotions that might help encourage readers to really put together a personal reading and devotional time.

So I decided to participate this year, with

Rachel Wojo’s challenge in lieu of using the Life Journal/SOAP method that is used and encourage by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro’s of New Hope Church ministries.
You can find out more about Rachel’s challenge by going to her website, dropping by her Facebook page or even following her via twitter at @rachelwojo .

Meanwhile, I’ve printed out the bookmarks, and considering I’m currently using, Designed for Devotions ,that has really helped provide a good balance between, providing a background of the books that I am reading and at the same time, engaging me in deep contemplation of the passages that I am reading for the day.

And off we go, for 2013, a year of reading through the Bible.

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