Not just a doer but a hearerNot just a doer but a hearer by Yolanda Shanks

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A Thirty day devotional, reading, “Not just a doer but a hearer” Yolanda Shanks, I was reminded so much of a blend of a bible background study combined with the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) method that Wayne Corderio of New Hope Oahu encourages with use of the Life Journal.

For those who are looking for a day to day structure, “Not just a doer but a hearer”, delivers ;I was impressed for the short, one to two pages per day, completed with scripture that was not only relevant for the topics presented, however for those who are looking for a more “free form” bible study, “Not just a doer but a hearer” really is more as “morning starters” or “evening enders” for the busy in life, but who are wanting to be able to learn more about the books of the bible and how what God is able to encourage the believer.

A thin paperback and covering a month’s worth, this is a great “starter” for those who are looking for ways to jumpstart their devotional time and also looking for a devotional that will go beyond a “general encouragement”. “Not just a doer but a hearer”

The passages are from the New Kings James but still “understandable” for those who maybe are unfamiliar with the language that is used, but it doesn’t make, “Not just a doer but a hearer”, nor does the encouragement is lost on the reader.

Providing background information on each chapter, the book really helps readers develop a starting foundation in understanding the biblical basis for which the author is reaching out to the audience, and despite the appearances (which is very bright, the writing is clear and broken down to guide the reader in applying that day’s devotion in their study), for a small book, “Not just a doer but a hearer” delivers more than just a passing reader, but at the end, really encourages the reader to take the time to contemplate what they are reading.

I like this book for those who are beginning to set aside time to sit down and read the bible,but on the other hand, this isn’t a quick read, despite the appearance and how despite the short paragraphs, Yolanda Shanks, manages to provide a lot for the reader to contemplate.

As shared earlier, this really reminds me of the Life Journal and how it encouraged the individual to slow down and really break down what they were thinking versus giving that day’s devotion, a “passing glance” and instead, really just provides a lot of information in a short format.

The book is not available in e-book form yet however, due to the thinness of the book (and don’t let its size fool you) and the affordability of the devotional, this makes really a great starter for those who are looking for more substance but without the deeper involvement of say a perpetual calendar based devotion.

It’s short and quick and yet, Yolanda Shanks, really wraps up a lot of material, application and background that makes it a serious devotional really geared in doing as it promises to make believers, more than just a hearer of the Word but a doer as well.

The book does this job, but I wouldn’t suggest this as a group bible study, since this is a day to day reading and at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend this for those who are very short on time.

On that note, though…”Not just a doer but a hearer”, is like a bridge that closes the gap between that really great, but time consuming bible study you want to do but satisfy’s that desire to find something to start the mornings off with, but not wanting the year commitment that most devotionals often requires.

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