Finding God in the HobbitFinding God in the Hobbit by Jim Ware

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With, “The Hobbit, and “Lord of the Rings”, being re-introduced to young and old, “Finding God in the Hobbit” is an allegorical reflection of Middle Earth and how like Bilbo Baggins finds himself, an ordinary hobbit, caught up in extraordinary events, so the same with God at work, sometimes in the forefront and sometimes, behind the scenes, in our lives.

Using passages from “The Hobbit and“Bible, Jim Ware, compares the two along with what we can take in our own lives, not just from Bilbo Baggins, but what the Bible has to offer in its own stories of ordinary people, often used in extraordinary ways.

Sharing bits of triva, not only about,“The Hobbit, but also about Tolkien, Jim Ware really interweaves what readers can take from enjoying not just a timeless book like the Bible, but even that of, “The Hobbit.
What Jim Ware attempts and manages to convey throughout the book is how even in an exquisite tale like, “The Hobbit, we can find hints of the major themes of God’s work woven throughout, tales of faith, grace, redemption and hope.

The book,“Finding God in the Hobbit”, is overall a short and easy read at 168 pages. Filled with allegorical interpretations and ruminations based on both, “The Hobbit and, the “Bible,“Finding God in the Hobbit” really helps take reading the book,The Hobbit to a diferent level. In addition, Jim Ware’s work, brings out the themes that Tolkien’s background as a Roman Catholic, his blending of Celtic, Anglo and Old Norse mythology, that can be seen throughout the The Hobbit and the rest of the triology.

As a fan of Tolkien and the “Lord of the Rings” books, “Finding God in the Hobbit” was a joy to read, not only because of the loved passages that are included throughout the book, but for the underlying Christian themes that, though it wasn’t the intent of the books, when they were written, can clearly be seen and recognized in the archetypes that are presented throughout the books.

To add a little more fun to the reveiw, here are some Tolkien experts who talk more about the Christian themes. Tolkien Experts Talk About His Christian Themes from crosswalkcom on GodTube.


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