The previous day, I posted about, “The Amish Family Cookbook” that I had reviewed and one of the ways to review a cookbook, is naturally, try out few of the recipes from the cookbook, to test for ease of use (i.e. are the ingredients hard to get, instructions easy to read, etc.) and really fell in love with the simplicity of the recipes that were involved.

Because its fall…..

Because its October…..

Because its pumpkin season…..

Because I have pumpkin spice lattes on the mind….One of the recipes I had tried out, from,”The Amish Family Cookbook” was their Pumpkin Spice Bread.

The ease of the cookbook was that it involved using everyday ingredients that most of us usually keep around the kitchen and one of the ingredients, naturally was pumpkin that you can buy either canned, or if you are a canner,use what was canned by yourself, or if you prefer fresh as it made right now, create using this recipe from,”How to make Pumpkin Pie from a Fresh Pumpkin“.

Basically, the ingredients broke down to:

  1. Vegetable oil but other can be subsituted
  2. 3 cups of sugar (a lot of sugar but when the pumpkin bread is made, it doesn’t taste sweet as expected)
  3.  3 eggs
  4. Can pumpkin, though if you can your own pumpkin or take the time to use fresh pumpkin, that would be better

As I was adding the pumpkins (and thoughts of, wouldn’t a pumpkin spice latte be just awesome right around now), I couldn’t help but wonder how this recipe would turn out if I added chocolate chips to the recipe.

I didn’t this time, but it was a temporary, hmmm…pumpkin and chocolate.


The dry ingredients came next.

I was a little worried because I didn’t have allspice and I’m one of those, who cook by following the recipe….literally.

It says 2 cups of flour, I’m going to put 2 cups of flour; I’m just not one of those people who can safely add a little this and a little bit of that, unless you’re planning on not being able to eat whatever it is that I cook that night, so following the recipe is the safe thing for me to do, though I am trying to get braver with stepping outside the box.

So I was hoping as I stirred the dry ingredients into the batter that not having allspice, wouldn’t matter.

It doesn’t look pretty mixing the dry ingredients in, but I can promise that the finished batter actually looked really well.

At this point, I debated about adding the crushed walnuts that we had on hand, but it wasn’t till later, my husband told me he wasn’t really crazy about pumpkin (though he was nice enough to taste test the finished product for me and the fact I made brownies at the same time probably helped and no I didn’t make the brownies from scratch, unless following the directions on the box that the brownies counts as making from scratch, then I guess I did make from scratch, the brownies).

It didn’t take long to mix all the ingredients and I estimated that probably two, maybe three loaves can be made from the recipe.

The smell of the pumpkin batter was wonderful, nice hints of the cloves and cinnamon and nutmeg (and I so wish I had allspice though it might not have much of a difference).

The recipe called for the bread to be baked for sixty minutes, but keep in mind this can vary for those at higher altitudes, so when baking, make sure to make the adjustments that were needed.

The house quickly was filled with the smell of pumpkin baking (as well as chocolate so it was a fun evening of hearing everyone walk in the kitchen, check on the brownies and bread and walk out going, “Is it ready yet?”

I really feel that this recipe was enough for three loaves, but the two loaves I made (one with walnuts and one without), came out, full of flavored, moist but not too moist that it was mushy, and a perfect companion to have with Mexican Hot Chocolate though I have to say, Pumpkin Spice latte to go with it, would be sooo good, but then again, maybe a little too much to  have with the pumpkin bread.

So there you go, Pumpkin Spice Bread….

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    Ginger Wade
    Twitter: GingerRWade
    Posted October 23, 2012 at 11:41 am | Permalink

    All of that, and I still don’t have my piece yet?

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    mmm, I love anything pumpkin. I will have to make this over the weekend. It is going to be cold and very “fall” like. Can’t wait!

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