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With winter around the corner, it was hard not to think about my favorite comfort food. You know, the food that you absolutely have to have, to just, well, feel comforted, be it due to homesickness, pregnancy craving, having a blue day, or well, just in the mood for food that you are longing for.

So here’s my top ten favorite comfort food that I enjoy and hopefully, I will hear from you as well.

What’s your favorite comfort food and feel free to share about it in the comments, I want to hear from you!


10. Fried Okra

southern style

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Yes, its fried, and I don’t know if its a southern thing, but lately, I’ve been
craving fried okra. It’s definitely an acquired taste and now thinking about okra, it tastes just as good in gumbo, particularly seafood gumbo.


9. Fried Tostones


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Another thing fried….and don’t worry, not a pattern, but fried tostones, is something that my husband, actually was the one to introduce me. At one
time, he lived and surfed in Puerto Rico, and he would tell me how they would get plaintains, slice them up, mash them, fry them and in our case, sprinkle sea salt on them.

They are especially great with number 8. of my favorite comfort food, grilled shrimp.


8. Grilled Shrimp on top of Mango Salsa with wild rice on the side and sauteed vegetables

DIY Spicy BBQ Shrimp with Grilled Corn :: The Result

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My mouth is just watering thinking about this dish and its actually
a specialty of hubby. He and I, both love to cook, so we trade off cooking duties, and I have to say, he cooks way much better than I can, so I don’t complain when he offers to cook dinner for the night.

In this case, there is no beating, this particularly dish. He would marinade the shrimp in a garlic butter mix and then after, afixing them to bamboo skewers, cook them on the grill.

In the meantime, we would make mango salsa, that we would lay the grill shrimp (still on the bamboo skewers), wild rice, tostones, and sauteed vegetables.

A meal that is tropical, delicious and an all time favorite.


Mango Salsa: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/mango-salsa/detail.aspx

7.  Mexican Hot Chocolate

With winter around the corner, maybe just a quiet Friday/Saturday night, wind rustling outside, the temperatures dropping and….oh who am I kidding,

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anytime is a good time for Mexican hot chocolate and what sets this apart for me, is the richness of the drink that doesn’t seem to compare with anything else that I’ve tasted….well….except maybe chai tea.

It uses a “sweet chocolate” that is different from the chocolate that we are more accustomed to and for some, chili powder, yes chili powder is added to this wonderful, yummy, scrumptious drink.

Soy milk may work but for myself, I like whole milk.


6. Grilled Salmon or Red Snapper

Fish thrown on the grill. Yum.


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Throw some slices of lemon…add fresh picked herbs…wrap some veggies in aluminum foil and grill alongside…wild rice or steam rice is a main staple in the
home, but usually with seafood, and especially fish, wild rice is made that night.

Add some fresh yeast rolls.


5. Sushi

Being pregnant, eating sushi right now isn’t an option, though I’m thinking, California rolls, shouldn’t be an issue and vegetable rolls?

4. Chili

Yes…chili. Seriously.

Grab some crackers, grab a bowl, hang out with hubby while he’s playing his video games, or we’re watching a movie, or if the weather is cooler, he and I and the kids, will hang out in the back, and just enjoy the nicer weather, while eating a warm bowl of chili.

Chili really varies with regions, what is in it and truthfully, chili is more of my hubby’s specialty, than mine, so I don’t have a specific recipe to share, but I can say, that the kind we make, doesn’t have the beans.

3. Fruits

Healthy Dessert

photo credit: Srini Addepalli

Mangoes, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, grapefruit, peach, plums, plumcot, you name it, fruits are one of my favorite comfort food.

Eat them individually or make an impromptu fruit salad, they are quick to access, easy to eat, can be portable, healthy and just yummy.

When coconuts are in season, I like to mix coconut shavings in the fruit salad and then spray it with fresh squeezed orange juice and there you go….fruit salad comfort food that is also healthy.

2. Anything Chocolate

I’m a girl. A female. And we’re talking chocolate. So how can chocolate, NOT be comfort food.

1. Bread Pudding

Break out the choir….my number one, favorite, all time favorite, is bread pudding. Its definitely an acquire taste for some, but for those who do like it, this is great comfort food to make for cold wintery nights, for summer nights, for fall nights, for spring nights….for just because nights.

There are varying recipes and though I’ve been told that brandy adds flavor to the bread pudding sauce and the New Orlean recipes I have seen, have brandy, the recipe I use (will post tomorrow, since I’m actually going to be making bread pudding today), is a non-alcoholic recipe.

I’m also not a big fan of raisins in the bread pudding, its both a sensory thing (not crazy about having to pick raisins out of my teeth), plus I like raisins, alone, but not really in anything I bake, though I have add it, for those who prefer raisins in their bread pudding and then make a non-raisin bread pudding on the side.

For the sauce that I pour on the bread pudding, I like it where it has a thicker, pudding texture to it, that isn’t thick like pudding….creamy, that’s the word…a creamy, bread pudding sauce.

Keep an eye on my blog tomorrow and I’ll post the bread pudding recipe I use, or hey, if you haven’t fan, Sunflower Faith, via Facebook, or subscribe to the email/RSS feed, I suggest you do.

Not only will you be kept updated when I post the bread pudding recipe, but you can also keep up with other posts, here on Sunflower Faith. They are usually pretty fun reads.


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    Yes, chili, it so warms you up!! Got to try Mexican Hot Chocolate!

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      Mexican Hot Chocolate is the best thing. For me, what makes it different from either instant hot chocolate or anything else, I’ve tried, is that its thicker and coming straight from actual bars of chocolate, you’re getting more texture from the drink, making it a great comfort food for early in the morning, or late at night, by a roaring fire as the winter wind, roars through the trees.

      LOL…its definitely worth trying out.

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