I’m anxiously awaiting a copy of this book to use in the fall, but in the meantime I created a lesson plan to use with the kids.

Because we are using somewhat more of a Charlotte Mason method, the emphasis is more on discussion and understanding with some copywork and less on worksheets and I pray and hope, that people who are using the Charlotte Mason or Ambleside method, will find this friendly and easy to use.

Traditionally, Charlotte Mason does not use lesson plans and feel this is restrictive to a child’s learning, so I guess, it’s better to say, this lesson plan is a guide and not set in stone.

The age group this is geared for is for PreK-2nd grade with the understanding that the parent will do most of the reading and develop the discussions with the kids.

It’s basically an introduction for toddlers to the 10 virtues outline in the book of virtues with emphasis on a scriptue (suggest memory verses are included).

I left copy work, additional reading and reading selection up to the parent so they can customize it more to fit with their curriculum.

If you use it, I would love to hear your feedback if it’s worth it or not.

<a href=”http://www.mediafire.com/?lnc1breoynw”>Book of Virtues-Lesson Plan for Primary Grades</a>

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