Foundation Study Bible, NKJV

When I first received the Foundation Study Bible, I was impressed first by the compact size of the bible. The lettering looks to be about 6 to 7 point so if you are needing a larger size lettering, this isn’t the book for you. The pages are broken into two columns, with divisions on the bottom page containing reference to verse context as well as related scripture references.

Each book of the chapter shares the author, time, key verses and theme which is helpful for those who are looking to get a good overview of the Bible.

Along with a Theological note context index in the back and full color maps, this is a wonderful made bible for those who are leaning into a study bible that will aid them in reading and studying the bible.

The NKJV is a good version in that it doesn’t have all of the Old English/Shakespearen language of the KJV with modern language, although there are some areas where occassionally the KJV will pop up.

This is important for those who are not quite ready for the “Modern English” versions, but aren’t into the “Thee’s” and “Thou’s” of the KJV.

The preface is nice and it was helpful having the explanation of the difference in translations, this helps those who may wonder what is the difference in language and a lot for the more seasoned readers, undertand that translations are based on getting as close to the actual translations from the Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew that was originally used.

Overall, this is a no frills bible. It is what is says it is, a study bible geared toward helping the growing Christian get a more deeper understanding of the Bible.

This is great for those who are going to seminary, participating in bible study and I feel for the new Christian. Consider a study bible as a “training wheels” to getting into the substance of the bible.

If you are looking for the study bible to get, I highly recommend this version.

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