The Finishing SchoolThe Finishing School by Valerie Woerner
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Ironically as I was reading “The Finishing School” it was during a time when I am re-evaluating and making some life changes that included how I was doing bible studies and managing my time.

Going through each chapter, I was impressed as a book nerd by the writing style that Valerie Woerner displayed along with the “homework” she includes at the end of each chapter for readers to dig deeper into the topics she covers such as, “Sabbath rest” among a few other discussions.

The book is a great reminder to go back to the foundation book above everything, the Bible, while providing at the same time a rich, informative book that in todays fast paced world, really encouraged the reader to re-evaluate and look at some healthy and less hurried ways of Christian living.

Valerie really challenges women when it comes to living out their faith and this book will provide a good start on how to begin doing such a thing, though like anything, we should make sure that particularly in matters of Christian living and spiritual life to make sure that all we do line up scriptural with the Bible.

The book is filled with humor, blunt honesty (take for instance a quote where she goes, “”Our lives should be radically different because of Christ who lives in us. Too often they don’t look different. And that’s not God’s fault. That’s our laziness.”), and inspirational on how to study the bible intentionally, have a rich prayer life and really walk the walk.

The worksheet links that are provided, are very thorough and really challenges one to re-assess different areas in their lives and how can it be improved to have a deeper faith life with God.

The author really seeks to share her heart and soul and personal experiences in a way to get people from going book to book, but instead go to THE BOOK, the Bible and really living the life that Christ wants us to live.

In the United States, despite having the highest rate of Bibles sold/owned, we also have the highest rates of Bible illiteracy and it is strong, encouraging books like this that really seek to make a difference in the Christian walk.

This is a book that isn’t passive reading, but rather a book for those who are wanting a more active involved relationship with Jesus Christ.


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