7 Sep

Happy Birthday Grandmother Songs

Grandmother is the most loving, caring and beautiful person to a grandchild. Their presence is always peaceful and the wisdom they impart is important for the child. Wish your Grandma on their birthday with these messages. Share these lovely birthday wishes with everyone.

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  1. Dear Granny. Thank you for always picking my side when I have a disagreement with Mom and Dad. You have never doubted my decisions and always supported me in my dreams. The bedtime stories you told- I love them a lot. But what I love the most is your voice- so peaceful and calm- and how your hand felt when you would caress my head. You are my best friend and I love you a lot. Happy birthday.
  2. Dear Nana. I grew up more around you than my parents and that made me and you the best companions. I loved the smile on your face when I returned home with an A+ in my report card. You are an excellent cook but you overfed me at times; because I always look skinny to you (when I really am plump). So, on your birthday today, let us have a grand feast. Happy birthday!
  3. The epitome of beauty, kindness and calm, you are. Your morals and values stay with me always. I would love to model my temperament like yours. So affectionate and well tempered; you are my true inspiration. I enjoyed thoroughly all the time I spent with you. I love you. Happy birthday.
  4. I used to watch you knit when I was young. You were the centre of attention of all the siblings and we loved to talk to you and play around you. Now that I think of it. You have knitted the entire family together. Your benevolence and nurturing nature is what keeps us all together. We are greatly thankful of you. Celebrating your birthday is a special event for us all. Happy birthday grandma.
  5. Happy birthday grandmother. Mom is just like you; maybe a little less calm and collected. But, you both are the most important people to me. The time I spent with you stir up like bitter sweet memories and leave me missing you even more. I miss everything about you- your smile, your eyes, your gardening skills and even how you used to kiss my wounds away. I hope that I’ve stood strong to your expectations from me and made you proud. We miss you grandma.
  6. Dear Grandmom. You are the boss of the house. Probably the coolest grandmother in world. Everyone respects you so much that they never question your decisions. Ever. That is why it is so fun to be your grandchild; because when you are on my side, I can easily convince my parents for anything. But that does not mean that I use this power of mine for bad. You’ve taught me well. I love how you shower my face with kisses when you see me and bring me into a bone crushing hug. Wishing my lovely grandmother a very happy birthday!
3 Sep

Happy Birthday Sister-In-law

Sister in laws are like the best complimentary gifts that come with your husband or maybe as special someone whom your brothers marry. Wish these lovely angels on their birthday with these special greetings. we hope you send these birthday wishes and quotes for sister,

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  1. You are probably the best thing that could happen to my idiotic brother. Your cute giggles and comforting nature makes everyone around you like you. Your smile is infectious and I thank god for making you a part of my life. Happy birthday sister in law.
  2. Sister in law! Happy birthday. I always wished for a sister and god sent you for me. Be it your up to date fashion sense or your childhood stories with your brother; you always make everything interesting. You and I have too much in common and maybe that’s the reason why we get along so well. Happy happy birthday.
  3. I must have done something really good to deserve a sister in law like you. I know my husband completely dreads the idea of you and me together because then all his childhood secrets are out. Your feisty and outgoing nature is very impressive and I love how you carry yourself self with confidence. Wishing my beautiful sister in law a very happy birthday.
  4. Quirky, sassy and yet emotional sister in law mine; a very happy birthday to you. You are the best friend I always wanted. May you keep smiling always and keep the people around you thoroughly entertained with your awesomeness and also maybe with your clumsy nature.
  5. Sis in law. It is your birthday and I had to order a cake for you because I know I can never compete with your skills of baking and cooking. I love how you always bake muffins for me when I feel down and thank you for taking such a good care of my brother. Happy birthday!
  6. Dear sister in law. You are like a real sister to me. Always energetic and giggling; I love your smile. Thank you for always taking my side and helping me convince my dear husband for anything I need. Ever since I entered your house; you have been the constant source of happiness for me. I love you! Happy birthday, Supergirl!
  7. It is a special day because it is the birthday of a certain special girl! My sister in law, you are the best aunt my children can have. Thank you for all the good things you taught them and all the gifts you bought them. Thank you for babysitting them and let me take a day off once in awhile. You will make a great mom! We love you a lot. Happy birthday!
  8. Wishing my clean freak sister in law a very happy birthday. I know living with your brother must have been a tough job for you considering he is such a mess himself. But thank you for always helping me and him out with everything. You are the most beautiful, loving and sensitive person I’ve met so far. Love you.
  9. A trusted friend and a cherished advisor; that is how I would introduce you. I am thankful for all the times you made me laugh through my tears. You have been so supportive through everything. Thank you for keeping my family from falling apart and loving my brother so much. Happy birthday.
  10. Happy birthday, my shopping partner. The one woman who understands my taste in clothes well; you are the best company I have. I look forward to my girls’ night out with you and I love sharing my secrets with you. Thank you for making my life special.
30 Aug

Happy Birthday Best friend Sayings

We have our families, teachers and companions to give us teachings about life. But, we truly start living when we find that one person around whom we can be completely honest and be accepted even with our crazy antics- a best friend. Let your best friends know their worth with these beautiful quotes. Below You can find some funny birthday wishes and SMS too.


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Hey bestie! Another year of your awesome existence has passed by. You are that one person I can always turn to for a shoulder to cry upon, no matter at what time of the day it is. I have always been able to share my secrets with you without the fear of being judged. I love you a ton. Let’s celebrate your birthday in style!

Best friend, thanks for all the time you’ve cheered me up with your slapstick comedy. You are the most ridiculously optimistic person I’ve ever met; capable of seeing beauty in the darkest times. Your ability to empathize with everyone around is something to be jealous of. You are like a sibling to me and my true soul mate. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, lovely, caring, brutally honest and funny person on earth. Yes you! My life has always been exciting with you around. The only person my parents trust me with. My best partner in crime and school projects. Wishing you a very happy birthday and the best of health.

Bestie! You are the most caring human who understands me way too well. You can tell when I’m disturbed or sad or even when I try to hide a surprise from you. Kudos to the best mind reader in town. I obviously can’t throw you a ‘surprise birthday party’ because you’ll already guess it. Happy birthday!

Your poor jokes will never fail to make me feel annoyed and yet leave me giggling. You are my pillar of support and at times my sense of logic. We are the best of friends and have an inseparable force between us. I love you! Happy birthday, Ms. Caretaker.

Happy Birthday Bro. We are the brothers from different mothers, who have so much in common that even people mistake us for siblings. You have always stood by me and we have made it out of problems together. We are like Joey and Chandler in real life because of all the money that you owe me and will return someday (hopefully). Wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday.

From my first crush to all the times I’ve had a fight with my parents; you’ve known it all. I remember how we used to leap at each other, everytime the teacher talked about paired projects. I forget all my fears, anxieties, insecurities and even assignments when I talk to you!J Thank you for all the times you’ve been there to wipe off my tears in my difficult times. Happy birthday, love.

Friends will probably help you correct your mistakes but only a best friend will laugh at you and embarrass you for those mistakes. You are that best friend of mine and I understand full well that you laugh only to make me realize and not repeat them again. Hadn’t I met you, I’d probably be completely lost. An extrovert like you is like a VIP pass for an introvert that I am. Your presence has always calmed my nerves and I really feel grateful for having such an amazing best friend. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, to the craziest and wackiest person in my life. A person around whom I don’t have to worry about maturity or even decency. You are the cutest, loving and only person I feel a little less tense around. Thank you for being my stress-buster.

We were the worst of enemies who turned best of friends when we realized how much common we had in us. Your well timed sass and sarcasm punched people in the guts and left me in a laughing mess. It only takes a simple text message with you to forget all my tensions and it is you who shows me the beautiful side of world. Happy birthday.

30 Aug

Happy birthday Teacher Quotes

A child probably learns the most important and fruitful life lessons in school. One should always thank those teachers who put in so much hard work into a child’s development. Wish all your teachers out there on their birthday with these messages from their students. I hope you enjoy these lovely birthday wishes and quotes.

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  1. Dear mam. You have taught me right from when I was in grade 1 to 6. You practically saw my transition from a child who could never spell his name correctly to one who stood outside principal’s office for detention always. I apologize for all the troubles I caused you over the years and thank you for all the efforts you put in me to make me a better individual. Happy birthday!
  2. Happy birthday Madam. From the annoying ‘good morning chorus’ that we kids sang to the mind boggling answers we wrote; you had to put up with all that. After so many years, now that I am a teacher myself; I can’t help but commend the patience and calm you have. It is difficult being a teacher but you fulfilled your job to the best extent. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  3. Happy birthday to the best teacher in the world. Mam, you are a wonderful person who never shied away from being friends with her pupil. The way you taught things; solidified our concepts so well, that if you ask me any question from your subject I might be able to answer it. I think of myself to be really lucky to have you as an inspiration in my life.
  4. Happy birthday sir. You are definitely the most strict and discipline loving teacher. But you knew and taught your subject so well that no one could help but take interest in your subject. You have the best interactive teaching sessions and also helped students with other matters also. We are really lucky to have you as our teacher.
  5. Dear mam, you are very beautiful, loving and supportive. In fact, when I was your student I used to always look forward to attending your class. That was the reason why I would always complete the assignments that you gave us and performed well in your subjects. You were so responsible that you could take care of the entire class by yourself on field trips. I would like to wish you a very happy birthday.
  6. You were the funniest and supportive teacher back in school. A philosopher, a realist and an inspirer. You have been all these to me. You made every class fun with your well-timed jokes and used to put very less pressure on your students. You never scolded any of us for our mistakes but instead helped us correct them. I wish you the best of health on your birthday. Happy birthday.
  7. Dear Sir. I have always been afraid of being scolded by you one day. But, that day never came. You are so kind, calm and helpful for a person who teaches your subject. You are called the 24 x 7 hours helpline. Never backing away from helping out your students. The values that you teach other than studies will always stay with us. Thank you for guiding us on the right path. With lots of love and respect. Happy birthday. You are my classmate.


30 Aug

Happy Birthday Uncle

Be it your parent’s best friend or their brothers, uncles are the coolest adults in the world. Greet them on their special day with some amazing quotes.

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  1. Happy birthday uncle! The one person who never forgets to bring me gifts everytime he visits. I’ve enjoyed your funny and exciting stories a lot. And your company is always welcome and cherished.
  2. You’ve been the fatherly figure that I strived for since I didn’t have one. Your teachings and blessings always remain with me and serve as a constant reminder of whenever I need to make an important decision. The love and support you’ve always given me is irreplaceable. Thank you for standing beside me always. Happy birthday.
  3. Happy birthday to the winner of ‘coolest uncle’ award. The person who never gave up hope on me even during my rebel phase. You were the one who gave me my first bike ride and treated the wounds I got from when I fell off the bike. You have always picked me up when I fell. Thank you for everything.
  4. Uncle Ben. You are my ‘Foodie uncle’. Your love for food has allowed us to visit so many restaurants, cafes, food exhibitions etc. you inspired me to become a chef given you always liked and supported my dreams. Thank you so much and a very happy birthday.
  5. I’ve always turned to you everytime I needed to ask for permission from my parents for any trip. You have been a trusted confidant of my dad. All the times you told stories about your and dad’s childhood left dad blushing and mom and me laughing. Thank you for lighting up our house with your presence. Happy birthday.
  6. Happy birthday, my second dad. Thank you for all the books and for the tickets of various football matches you bought me. You helped me cover up any broken vases and torn curtains from mom’s sight. Now that I’m all grown up let me also join in on your adult only birthday party.
  7. Happy birthday to the sassiest and funniest uncle in town. Your moustache is something I’ve been pulling at ever since I was a little kid and my God! Has it grown ever since? I could see how Mom would always lighten up to see her brother while Dad would turn pale for he predicted all the pranks you would be playing on him. May you have loads of fun on your birthday.
  8. Uncle Henry. You are definitely the shyest, organized and tensed uncle I have. But I love you for those quirks of yours. You always get all the work done given to you in time. I know you are caring and affectionate deep inside. You are my favourite uncle!
  9. Happy birthday, baby sitter. Ever since I was young you have always volunteered to take care of me when they went out. I remember having loads of fun with you. Remember how we used to play video games all day or even watched TV. Every night with you was pizza night which I enjoyed thoroughly. You are an awesome uncle.
  10. Dear uncle. You have been a constant source of inspiration for me. You taught me how to play chess and took me to watch and participate in the tournaments. You are a mentor, a role model and a trusted companion. Happy birthday.


11 Aug


Grandparents are the first best friends a child has. Their stories and wisdom are passed on to the next generation with their love and kindness. A grandpa is the best caretaker and the time spent with him contains the most loving and impressionable memories. Wish your grandpa on their birthday and tell them how much you love them. Send these birthday quotes for friends like grandpa on his birthday.

  1. You are my dear friend, a trusted confidant and a loving parent. I remember rushing back home to see you and every month you would get me a new book and read them to me at bedtime. You were the one who inculcated the beautiful hobby of reading in me. On your birthday I’m gifting you a book, but this time it will be me reading it to you. Happy Birthday!
  2. Dear Granddad.Growing up with you was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Considering my older record of being the most notorious kid in town; you took it up on yourself to make me civilized. Your strict and disciplined demeanor is something I am afraid of till date. But, it was you who made me the good human that I am today. My birthday was something even you would celebrate lavishly. So, this year I’ll be doing that for you. I love you Granddad. A very happy birthday!
  3. We have a lot of sweet memories together. I remember, you taking me to the lakes for fishing in my summer holidays. I would tell you about school while you would tell me about your days as soldier. Your stories never failed to get me impressed. With your gruff voices and dramatic expressions; I must say you are the best story-teller I’ve come across till date. The tag of ‘coolest grandfather’ is for you. Happy birthday, old pops!
  4. Happy Birthday Grampa! You’ll probably have to find your glasses before you can read thisJ. But I hope this message will leave you smiling. On your special day, I want to thank you for countless number of things. Thank you for celebrating my achievements in grandeur; and reprimanding me on my failures, as these molded me into a strong individual. Thank you for all the times you convinced dad for sending me on school trips. Thanks for cheering me on in my school matches. Your constant love and support is what makes you so special. Thank you for being you, Grampa. I love you. Hope you keep celebrating decades of your upcoming birthdays.
  5. So many years have passed by since we both spent time together and chatted about random things. We were the best of friends when I was a little kid and you would yourself act like a kid around me. But, as I grew into an adult, we became distant and saw less of each other. This fact makes me way too sad. I miss you, Grampa. I still have a lot to learn from you. So, let’s catch up someday in near future. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.