Mom Seeks God: Finding Grace in the ChaosMom Seeks God: Finding Grace in the Chaos by Julia L. Roller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Mom Seeks God: Finding Grace in the Chaos” by Julia L. Roller was an inspiring book to read, not only as a mom who finds herself busy, be it at the home or away, but I found Julia comments about introversion both relatable and a refreshing change since there are many moms who are introverts versus extroverts who thrive on busy schedules, yet despite that, we too have busy schedules that we find ourselves juggling.

Encouraging to moms who may find themselves struggling with finding time to breathe, much less pray, Julia offers several good perspectives that any mom will find adaptable and usable for her situation.

There seemed to be a focus more on work at home moms and moms who work away from the home, than just the busy mom whose at home twenty-four/seven, but it doesn’t make this book, any less usable and instead skills and tips that anyone can re-adapt to their current situation.

The book seems to have more emphasis on finding time for prayer than say reading the bible or studying the bible, but this is balanced out by Julias reminder of sometimes…..our idea of a quiet time may not be when everyone is tucked away in bed or early in the morning, but as simple as flopping in the chair (or couch) and taking in five or ten minutes to connect with God.

“Mom Seeks God: Finding Grace in the Chaos” is an easy if not quick read. I found myself going thruogh this in almost one reading and the techniques were good, for starting points of where to begin if you are a busy mom trying to figure out…where and how to begin.

The personal anecdotes offered glimpses in how other people were able to find time and though you may not be a working mom, still it is easy to glean from others, ways to incorporate the ideas into ones life.

Ironically the biggest point that Julia and others make is the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with technology as many of us find ourselves almost run by our smart phones and laptops and all the more if you are working from home or work away from home, the emails and reminders doesn’t seem to stop.

Here Julia offers good, blunt and much needed advice of how to not only not let technology interfere but also how to also work it so it can help you step away and spend more time not less time with God.

Overall, I feel this a book that working moms can really benefit from since they are juggling work and home at the same time and with technology the way it is, work has almost all but integrated itself with the home.

For the stay at home, there are good ideas on developing a more robust prayer time that can be gleaned and if anything, the book is inspiring to re-evaluate your home schedule and how to say no.

For the introvert, that feels overwhelm by schedules and the busyness of everyday life, the reader who is an introvert will feel a great sense of camaraderie on how to balance not only life and work but work in the vital importance of fellowship that is very intimidating for those who are introverts.

The book offers a little something for everyone but seems to offer a little bit more for the introvert who has the need to be able to have time away and to themselves and in today’s modern world, a little hard sometimes to be able to attain it seems


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